Characteristic Features of Pierre Cardin and Magniflex Unsprung Beds

They are anatomic and orthopaedic. Since it is perfectly adapted to human body anatomy, it has a shooting function over the muscle structure and eliminates the stress. It has outstanding orthopaedic features.
It breaths and it is anti-allergic. It prevents the reproduction of bacteria and parasites with the pores in the bed providing natural air circulation and provides anti-allergic environment while guaranteeing maximum hygiene.
It is isothermal. It provides perfect adjustment of body temperature with its outstanding absorbing and distributing moisture. It works like a natural air-conditioner.
It is electrostatic. It is produced from fabric breaking down the energy arising from any electrical home appliances, parts in which electrical current passes through and the friction of clothing to the other surfaces, during sleeping.
It has 3 zone system. The supporting capacity of the bed is differentiated as 3 zones (head/lombar and legs) and therefore the appropriate distribution of body weight is guaranteed.
It is punctual flexible. The weights are automatically balanced at French bed. Therefore no bent is accoutred on the side of the weightier person.
It is approved by Oko-Tex. This approval guarantees the atoxic (non-toxic) and anti-allergic specifications of the textile products, based on the international standards.
It is atoxic and ecologic. Since they are free from CFC and other toxic materials, they are not hazardous for health.
It is sanitized. The fabrics subject to this application are against the bacteria and molding.
It is produced from natural and recycled materials. Since it is formed by natural materials, it doesn’t pollute the environment and fully recyclable.